Monday, August 23, 2010

Emotions Are Part Of Life

Life is like an unsolved puzzle.
No one can define what life is because it is a very complex thing.

Life is something that makes you happy and proud at times and
makes you
feel so low at times that you say to yourself,
Why was I born?"
But whatever it is, it is real fun.

In Life, in every moment, something new happens; something that
you never expected, something that you were waiting from a long while
to happen and something you were expecting to happen.
It is a combination of happiness, sorrow, joy, love, anger, enjoyment, loneliness, fear, excitement and many other emotions.

The definition of the word life can't be completed without using the word emotions.

Some people work in emotions whereas others work with emotions.
So it's very important to understand how people are using their emotions.

If they are letting emotions get control over them,
then they'll be dragged by others and situations all the time.
But, if he is controlling his emotions in a proper way,
then no one will ever have control over him.

The way a person uses his emotions is what we call
Someone has correctly said, "Your attitude determines your altitude in life".
Attitude, as I already defined, is the way an individual uses his emotions and directly related to the psyche of a person.

Some people use their emotions in a positive way and some people do it in a negative sense.

When people use emotions in a positive way we call it positive attitude and when they use it in a negative way we call it negative attitude.

It's up to an individual to decide how he uses his emotions.
Which way will you decide ?

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